Petra Hesser

Petra Hesser
Global Head of Human Resources
IKEA Group
Petra has been the global HR manager for IKEA Group since 2011. In her role, she works in setting the direction and the strategies for the people agenda; focusing on the IKEA Values and Culture, Talent Management, Leadership and Diversity, Competence Development and Creating a Great Workplace.

Prior to taking on a functional role, Petra was a retail manager in IKEA Netherlands for three years and in IKEA Germany for six years. With her background in leading IKEA Group retail organisations, Petra approaches HR from a business perspective, to ensure the business plan drives the HR priorities.

Working with people, customer and coworkers, and contributing to the IKEA vision and Business Idea, has inspired Petra in her different roles at IKEA, as she truly enjoys being a part of creating a better everyday life for the many people.

Born in Germany, Petra currently resides in the Netherlands and leads a diverse team of individuals who are located in different parts of the world.

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