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Natalie Boudou - PEPIT Consulting
PEPIT Consulting
Natalie is an executive coach and facilitator working with executives, senior management and leadership teams from a wide range of corporates and international organizations. She is a specialist in the field of resilience at work. Her coaching covers such areas as agility, positivity, emotional intelligence and communications skills. She helps clients to define their objectives and needs and to boost their performance at work. Throughout her career she has excelled at coaching teams and getting the best out of people and she brings this passion and skill to her coaching practice. Natalie has worked closely with multinationals, the U.N. and NGO’s developing resilient leaders and engaged teams.

Natalie has over 20 years of international business experience in demanding and challenging roles. She started her career as a commercial lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions. After several years working in private practice and for Hitachi she relocated from London to Geneva and moved into the field of communications, working in managerial positions for the World Health Organization and a number of international NGO’s.

Natalie’s commercial background enables her to connect and understand her clients’ needs quickly. She combines a dynamic and pragmatic approach with a creative, and intuitive style. Clients describe her as warm, energetic, committed and intuitive.

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