Julnar Rizk

L&D Partner, Lead for D&I Learning

Working in diversity & inclusion since 2006, Julnar Rizk is part of Facebook’s global leadership development team, and leads the practice area of D&I learning, enabling leader capabilities that foster innovative global teams and environments. Julnar has been a leadership consultant for boutique firms supporting Fortune 50/100/500 companies throughout multiple industries, and has grounded her work to encompass intercultural communication arenas. She has been a certified, professional coach since 2004, and prior to Facebook, she worked at Oracle, supporting the engagement of current and future Oracle women leaders through community leadership in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Formerly a licensed physical therapist, with a specialty in spine and advanced orthopedics—her first foray into adult learning challenges particularly in the face of obstacles—Julnar earned a Masters in Physical Therapy from East Carolina University and more recently, a Masters certificate in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University.

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