Jane Hoskisson

Jane Hoskisson - IATA
Director Learning & Development
The red thread throughout Jane’s career seems to be working in traditionally male dominated industries. Since graduation she’s worked in Tobacco, Oil, Pharma, and now Aviation. All of them have challenges around sustainability and diversity, and as a protagonist for both, has always felt it is better to be on the inside driving change.

Jane started as a business analyst working on various organizational projects, but it was always the change and people aspects that inspired her the most. After completing her MBA, she remembers being told by her Professor, ‘you will end up in HR, but don’t get their too fast – get as much business experience as you can.’ He was right, and her career has led her into Organizational Transformation, Procurement, and (most left field) a two year stint in audit building a program of audits to look at the ‘people factor’. That led to her Masters in HR, and she has spent the last 10 years in HR, Learning, Development, Talent, and Engagement with a simple vision – to inspire people to succeed.

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