Deborah Croft

Deborah Croft
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Thriving Talent
Deborah is driven by her fervent belief that individuals should be able to choose parenthood AND professional life, without sacrificing family values and/or professional aspirations. The reality is, this is often not the case. Thriving Talent was born from the realisation that working with parents alone was not enough – accompanying the transition to parenthood also requires a change in assumptions, beliefs, behaviours and motivations on the part of organisational leaders.

Since launching Thriving Talent in 2015, Deborah now spends most of her time consulting with forward thinking organisations who want long term, sustainable solutions to help them achieve their D&I objectives through a more inclusive workplace, by considering the needs of those impacted by parenthood at work.

Deborah’s career spans over 24 years of international experience, with former years spent as a Project Manager delivering multinational change initiatives across Europe. In the latter 7+ years, Deborah has leveraged her coaching and training skills to empower 100s of professionals and leaders in their quest to effectively balance career and family. She has also been kept busy driving positive cultural change through designing and delivering team building initiatives across many corporations and NGOs, in pursuit of high performing teams.

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