Alison Todd

Alison Todd
Head of Employee Experience

Having worked in a corporate environment (which I loved!) for over 20 years, first in Marketing, Innovation and latterly in HR, I had refocused my career on a personal passion for coaching individuals to be the best they could be in their work life and beyond.

I worked with some amazing people across all kinds of organisations over the next couple of years helping individuals to make positive changes in their working lives.

One thing I thought I knew was that I couldn’t work with this degree of freedom in a corporate environment but after a conversation with Sky six years ago something changed my mind.

In the people at Sky I saw a passion to make work a better place, in a rapidly growing and evolving environment and space to work in a way that would allow me to follow my interests. I continued to coach but gradually moving from coaching external people to Sky people, often when they were transitioning to bigger roles. I did this alongside being the Head of HR for our corporate functions.

Now the Head of Employee Experience in Sky, I have had the opportunity to look at all many of the elements that make up what it feels like to work at Sky and starting to help fix the things that could be better when operating at scale. My big learn in the last 12 months has been that joining things up for people to make life easy for them is complex and if we can do it well, it is a model that is hard to copy.

I work with colleagues from internal and external communications, our workplace team and with my immediate colleagues in the People team to make sure that we deliver a good and easy to access experience for people across every area of Sky.

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