Speakers : Millennial Talent Mindset Seminar

July 7 @ 9:30 am – 5:45 pm. Central London.

Stephan Thoma

Stephan Thoma

Strategic Talent and Culture Advisor

Stephan Thoma is a key leader in the global talent & leadership development world for over 25 years specializing in leading edge, yet practical, strategies and solutions for tech businesses or those addressing digital/tech transformation. He holds a rare combination of Silicon Valley tech and learning experience through his work with Google, Cisco and 3Com, and major blue chip organisational development and talent expertise from his days at GE. After nearly eight years at Google he established his own Advisory firm, and additionally holds relationships with Scede as Partner, Growth and Culture, Qlue Learning as Strategy Partner and is an Associate at CircleRadius, Amsterdam.

At Google, Stephan built and led the global Learning & Development team and agenda, a team of over 150 around the world. His work there spanned leadership and management development, broader employee and peer-to-peer learning strategies and deliverables…

At Google, Stephan built and led the global Learning & Development team and agenda, a team of over 150 around the world. His work there spanned leadership and management development, broader employee and peer-to-peer learning strategies and deliverables, and a key focus for Stephan was to ensure the learning agenda supported Google scale for the future whilst retaining and building its innovative and distinct culture. He was the only non-US based member of the function’s Leadership team, and spent extensive time in Silicon Valley, as well as Asia and around Europe, so is well versed in addressing the realities and challenges of remote and matrix management, as well as cultural dimensions in global businesses.

Stephan has a wealth of prior experience in senior L&D roles , mainly in major US tech companies such as Cisco Systems and 3Com, and GE, where he worked with GE’s ‘Crotonville’ Leadership Institute as well as holding line roles. There he became an experienced facilitator of GE’s ‘Change Acceleration Process’ and ‘Workout’ OD methodologies. He has also worked in the UK cable industry with ntl / Telewest as their Training Director during a period of major transition including survival through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, subsequent turnaround and merger & acquisition.

He’s an engineer by origins and still sees himself as a rusty engineer as he’s really motivated to build systems, albeit people ones now, and help to optimize them to run for the long term. He’s a strong coach and people developer and also been a key-note speaker at 25+ International external conferences & events globally in recent years, including in Amsterdam, Brussels, Hong Kong, Singapore, Miami, Istanbul, Barcelona and London.

Diana Drgonova

Diana Drgonova

HR Professional Associate - AIG

Diana Drgonova is an HR graduate working in AIG’s London team. Diana has a passion for human interest topics which led her to study Philosophy and Psychology at Warwick University in the UK.

Her love of writing and interest in employee empowerment led her to pitch, start and manage the first of its kind – a Millennial Blog on AIG’s EMEA intranet pages. The blog has been a success in sharing insights and starting discussions, and is now going global. Diana is a regular member of graduate panels, and has enjoyed leading societies and presenting events during her student days.

Adam Henderson

Adam Henderson

Founder of the Millennial Mindset

Adam Henderson is an experienced business leader who has spent the bulk of his career over the past decade in Marketing and Advertising. This experience resulted in him becoming the founder of the Millennial Mindset, a website dedicated to helping businesses understand modern employees and adapt to a Millennial workforce.

His aim is to enable businesses to make changes so they can attract, engage and retain the best new Millennial Minded talent to achieve that all important competitive edge. His work has been referenced in Deloitte’s 2016 Global Millennial survey and he regularly writes articles around the areas of modern leadership and has appeared as a keynote speaker at a number of global events and conferences.

Andy Partridge

Andy Partridge

Speaker & Coach - Enviable Workplace

Your Millennials are your brand ambassadors, and nurturing your talent is critical in creating the environments people talk about.

I help young people connect with purpose and the vision of success, to become more motivated, engaged and productive in the workplace.

My workshop ‘Know Yourself to Grow Yourself’ is designed to help Millennials become a better ‘WHO’ and offer a better ‘HOW’, by understanding motivational values, building better relationships and experience, and making stronger emotional connection with stakeholders.

In 2010 I founded Enviable Workplace, the company culture blog, an online resource to help companies create, communicate and measure great company culture, to better attract, engage and retain the best people in their marketplace. Since its beginnings, over 150,000 international HR directors, managers, employees and leaders have read or contributed insights.

Prior to this I spent 15 years developing recruitment professionals and helping graduates and school leavers find competitive advantage in the recruitment process.


Krzysztof Pawluk

Krzysztof Pawluk

Product Marketing Manager - Google

Kris Pawluk, a Millennial himself, has worked for nearly a decade in Europe and US for Google, The Coca-Cola Company and Procter and Gamble. Besides specialising in Marketing and Strategy, he runs multiple projects addressing corporate culture, including Millennial Voices which is sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company CEO Muhtar Kent.

Kryzsztof is a serial entrepreneur within big corporations. “I love finding things that are neglected or barely anyone believes in them and turning them into effective business solutions“.
Another of my passions is sharing knowledge whether it is teaching mathematics, providing free trainings of capoeira, or sharing my business experiences. One of the best thing we can do for others (and ourselves) is to share our knowledge and educate people – better education means better standard of living (and quality of life)“.

Matthew Jeffery

Matthew Jeffery

VP Global Head of Sourcing & Employment Brand HR Talent Acquisition

Matthew Jeffrey is an accomplished talent acquisition strategy leader with 20+ years of recruitment experience. He currently leads global sourcing and employment branding for SAP, the world leader in Cloud enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. His work there has earned him and his team a ERE Recruiting Excellence Award for Best Employment Brand 2015 and Most Strategic Use of Technology 2015; Recruiter Award for Best Graduate Strategy & Best Global Recruitment Strategy; Brand Hall Award Gold for Employment Branding; Asia Recruitment Awards Gold for Graduate Strategy & Silver Awards for Employment Branding, Careers Site & Diversity.

Jeffery is well known for authoring ERE’s most commented trilogy of articles of all time: Recruitment 3.0/4.0/5.0 on the Future of Recruitment and is one of Recruitment’s best firebrand orators.

Millennial Mindset Talent Seminar

Recruit | Develop | Engage. Retain Your Next-Gen Workforce.
Central London, Thursday July 7th 2016

In keeping with the millennial theme of fast paced learning, this one day seminar will cover three main sections of the Millennial Talent question. Firstly we will examine how companies recruit & attract millennial talent through social media. Secondly we will look at how you develop and engage early talent before finally exploring how you retain millennial talent.

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