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HR Training & Workshop Program

The Impact of AI on HR and the Future of Work

The 4th Edition of our Future of HR Events Series
March : Dates TBC

Artifcial Intelligence in HR: Separating Hype from Reality & Preparing the Organisation of Tomorrow

Presenting this groundbreaking 2 Day immersive workshop combined with an innovative series of best in class end user presentations, and panel discussions, facilitated by Global Thought Leader in AI & HR technology, Ian Bailie.

Event Overview
“If you’re trying to build a digital HR strategy to incorporate some of the new AI solutions that are appearing in the market, it can be dif ficult to know where to start or how to evaluate and implement the right technology for your business. The HR technology market is exploding and it is harder than ever for HR professionals to choose from the ever increasing number of vendors that are available or to separate hype from reality. Join us for this 2 day event that will take a deep-dive into how AI is impacting the HR function, what areas you should focus on first, and how other companies have selected and implemented AI solutions successfully in their organisations.

Chaired by Ian Bailie, a leading expert in HR technology and arti ficial intelligence in HR, you will learn about the latest trends in the HR technology market, how to identify the opportunities that can have the most impact, and what AI solutions are gaining the most traction. You will also get the opportunity to hear from leading HR practitioners on their experiences of deploying AI technology and to understand first-hand the lessons they have learned along the way. Sign-up now to start your journey on implementing AI technology for your business today.

Key Learning Objectives:
• What is the roll of HR in adapting to the impact of automation
• Considerations for HR professionals when implementing AI tools
• AI best practices in Candidate Sourcing
• How to incorporate A.I systems into their talent management decision making
• Why the future of work needs to balance technology with humans
• How to use chatbots to improve employee experience
• How Companies are transforming HR function with AI

Who will Beneft:
Heads of Digital HR & Innovation, HR Technology, HR Directors, Heads of HR & Digital Transformation, VP’s, Talent Mgt and senior level practitioners and executives working in other related functions. Hr Technology,
Digital HR, Arti ficial Intelligence, Heads of Machine Intelligence & Data Scientists.

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