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Inclusion 20 – The 13th Global Inclusion Seminar

April 21, 2021 - April 22, 2021

Inclusion 20 -- 17th-18th May - Zurich

We believe in a diverse & inclusive society

We believe in you and your organisations as major influencers

We believe in shaping the future together

Check the highlights from Inclusion19 Here

“20-20 Vision – The Journey Ahead”

INCLUSION 20 – April 2021 – Exact Dates TBA

All of us at Icon hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

As a company whose mission is to bring the world together through international conference and event experiences, we have been monitoring the daily impact of COVID-19 and as conditions continue to evolve, our top priority remains ensuring the health and well-being of all our event participants.

We are updating you today that given this current global situation it is not logistically nor ethically possible to hold the event in june, so we are rescheduling the event to the April 2021 : Exact dates TBC.

The venue (The Kameha Grand Hotel – Zurich) remains the same and if you have already registered, your delegate passes/tickets will automatically transfer to the new dates.

We appreciate your understanding and your patience in these difficult times and we stand with you and the broader “Inclusion” community and are here to support you in anyway we can.

We look forward to seeing you all again in April.

2020 Features

  • 30+ Senior-level International Speakers
  • 200+ Senior-level International delegates to benchmark with
  • C-Suite & Executive Board Perspectives
  • Innovative & Groundbreaking Presentations
  • Insightful Journey’s & Compelling Keynotes
  • Best Practice & “Next” Practice Insights
  • Workshops for experiential learning
  • Expert Partners to help you deliver results
  • Unique Storytelling
  • Networking Activities

Event Chair

2020 Speakers

More Speakers announced daily…
Check back for updates

2020 TOPICS:

  • Maximising the impact of Neurodiversity
  • Exploring AI and Tech advances in Driving Diversity
  • Where Inclusion and People Analytics meet
  • The C-Suite Perspectives
  • Engaging the C-Suite and recruiting Ambassadors for real change
  • Leveraging Inclusion & Diversity for greater innovation
  • Successful Global Inclusion & Diversity Strategies
  • Compelling & inspirational “Storytelling”
  • The Future of Work and the Inclusion Role
  • Gender Diversity & The Glass Ceiling: Moving from implementation to results!
  • Female Leadership: The Boardroom Perspective
  • Navigating Mental Health issues in your organisation
  • Tackling and uncovering Unconscious Bias at strategic levels
  • Creating the “Future” vision for inclusive attitudes on Disabilities
  • Generational Diversity
  • LGBTQ Inclusive Program exploration & Discussions
  • D&I Structural Change
  • Strategic Inclusive Culture Programs
  • Moving from the Business Case to The Business Imperative
  • Harnessing the Power of Demographic Change to Transform D&I


Kanton of Zurich - Collaboration Partner of Inclusion 2020
Equality today in the Kanton of Zurich

Over the past 40 years, there has been a lot of movement in terms of gender equality in Switzerland and the canton of Zurich. The actual equality of man and woman is still not a reality.

The indicators of the most important areas – education, unpaid work, employment, reconciliation of work and family life, wages and policies – continue to call for action for all, in the spirit of the diversity policy.


Pfizer - Premier Partner of the Inclusion 2020 Seminar
Because everyone has something to offer

Diversity is just as crucial to building a successful business as it is to building a vibrant culture.

That’s why we choose to surround ourselves with colleagues of diverse backgrounds and abilities who can contribute unique viewpoints and perspectives to all aspects of the business, from drug development to marketing. Diverse teams are more collaborative, more accepting of difference, and more apt to discover and venture the delicate balance between being overly cautious and blindly risk seeking.


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08:15 – 08:45

Welcome Coffee, Tea & Power Juice

08:45 – 09:00

Chair Introduction & Opening Address : Monique Valcour

Inclusion from the Top : Engaging the C-Suite and recruiting Ambassadors for real change
09:00 – 09:30

Keynote Address

The Journey from D&I to Belonging

  • How to move away from traditional D&I boxes
  • Is AI and tech Biased
  • How to create Inclusive leaders
  • The importance of Data

Asif Sadiq MBE / Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging / The Telegraph (UK)

09:30 – 10:00

Cultural Transformation & Innovation

How Inclusion unlocks Innovation

As Global Head of HR, one of Tanuj’s main focus has been to implement a cultural transformation within the organisation.

She speaks about how this was implemented and achieved and the challenges they’ve faced in transforming beyond the traditional pillars of D&I, to a space where honesty and Inclusion allows everyone to be their “authentic self” and have a greater impact in their roles.

Tanuj Kapilashrami / Group Head of HR / Standard Chartered Bank

10:00 – 10:30

Ice Break Introductions

Audience members “speed-date” One to One networking activity

10:30 – 11:00

Networking Coffee Break

11:00 – 11:20

Diversity Snacks I

Series of short burst sessions designed with “Food For Thought” in mind.

3 participants share their specific challenges with the entire group.

These challenges are explored for resolution in the Round-table Hack session on Day 2.

Generational Diversity / Intercultural Diversity
11:20 – 11:50


The combined power of all colleague generations

These days there are more different generations than ever before in the working environment.

  • How can companies take advantage of this combined power of truly ALL colleague generations?
  • Why is this important for companies, employers and their customers?

A case study inspiring that this task is much easier achieved than it seems at first glance – it is an untapped opportunity.

Karen Lauxmann / European Sales Lead, Contract manufacturing / Pfizer CentreOne

11:50 – 12:20

Mixing it up!

To stay a step ahead we need teams with a healthy mix of contrasting perspectives and backgrounds as they are more creative, faster to adapt and more inventive with their solutions. The ambition is to build an inclusive organisation with mixed teams.

Shaheen Akram / Global Head Diversity & Inclusion / ING

Expert Contribution Space
12:20 – 13:00

GOLD PARTNER Presentation

Leading global expert explores their innovative client case study

13:00 – 14:00

Working Lunch

A.I. – Tech – Analytics
14:00 – 14:30

2020 Vision from SYNGENTA

From counting diversity to measuring inclusion: How People Analytics can help the D&I agenda

Syngenta recognizes that human diversity is as important as biodiversity and is committed to fostering a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. Using people analytics to help drive the D&I agenda, our journey has taken us from counting diversity to measuring inclusion. With both qualitative and quantitative approaches, we are building a comprehensive way to understand D&I at Syngenta and identify areas for targeted actions.

Diversity & Inclusion is at the forefront of all our analytics work and we strongly believe in expanding the definition of diversity, one that includes nationality, tenure, generation, and other demographics. We take this lens to everything we do in order to foster a culture that embraces difference in all its forms, where people feel they belong and can be the best version of themselves.

Tamara McBride / People Insights & Analytics Manager / Syngenta

14:30 – 15:10

Fireside Chat with Airbnb

Melissa Thomas-Hunt, the Head of Global Diversity & Belonging speaks about the impact and innovation of A.I. on company culture and how it shapes progression.

Melissa Thomas-Hunt / Head of Global Diversity and Belonging / Airbnb

15:10 – 15:30

Diversity Snacks II

More Food for Thought

We welcome 3 more delegates from the audience to share their challenges which are explored during the Round-table Hack Session.

15:30 – 16:00

Networking Break

Mental Health & Disability landscapes in the workplace
16:00 – 16:30

Nadine Vogel interviews John Everett, as a non-HR and non D&I practitioner, about his direct influence and involvement in DOW’s Disability Work via DEN (Disability Employee Network) and creating the “Future” vision for inclusive attitudes on Disabilities

Nadine Vogel / CEO / Springboard & John Everett / Head of Purchasing EMEAI / DOW

16:30 – 16:50

Knowledge Partner Presentation

The role of Managers in building an Inclusive and Resilient Culture

The interchangeability of D&I and well-being in creating employee engagement and driving performance. Exploring the link between resilience, inclusion and diversity.

Trust: What is needed to build trust at different levels of the organisation. This would include the need for people to be themselves with authenticity and transparency. How trust impacts D&I and of course well-being. How trust leads to employee engagement which in turn impacts performance.

Caring and Safe Spaces: How leaders and organisations can create psychological safety within their teams and how this impacts well-being, diversity and inclusion.

Natalie Boudou / Co-founder / PEPIT Consulting

16:50 – 17:30

Interactive Panel Discussion

The role of Managers in building an Inclusive and Resilient Culture

Natalie Boudou / Co-founder / PEPIT Consulting
Laetitia Tierny – Global Inclusion & Diversity Lead – Philip Morris
Maryline Tissot – Global VP HR & Board Member – La Prairie Group


Day 1 Close

08:00 – 08:25

Morning Coffee, Tea & Power Juice

08:25 – 08:30

Chair Recap & Day 2 Introduction

Gender Diversity & Gender Inclusion
08:30 – 09:00

End-User Presentation

Women in Leadership: Implementing Global Strategies in Local Markets

Similar to many companies, a key focus area of Merck’s global Diversity & Inclusion strategy is bringing more women into leadership with the ultimate goal to reach gender parity. Sometimes it is challenging to get such global strategies “on the ground”.

We will present our global strategy and approach, and then share how this strategy is being implemented in our Global Healthcare Operations unit, which comprises 7000 employees across 18 sites.

Jennifer O’Lear / Chief Diversity Officer, Head of Engagement & Inclusion / Merck

09:00 – 09:40

Interactive Panel Discussion

Cultural Transformation within Organisations

Guest speakers and panelists explore the “how to approach” on transforming the culture of your organisation to move beyond the more traditional areas on the D&I space, to a place where everyone’s contribution is valued and openly accepted to create the workspace for greater Inclusion!

Dr. Amina Faham /Global Director, Pharma Application Development & Innovation / DuPont Specialty
Jane Hoskisson / Director Learning & Development / IATA

09:40 – 10:00

Knowledge Partner

Parental Leave as a Lever for Gender Equality: Is It Enough?

In the last 18 months, there has been a surge of organisations re-writing their parental leave policies, with a great focus on paternity leave. Why bother and is it enough? How can you be sure that if you invest in this initiative, that it will also move the needle for gender equality at all levels of leadership?

The team at Thriving Talent has been driving the agenda for enabling “caring and career” in organisations for 9 years. They will share a distilled version of the best practice to maximise success, from conversations to the board through to policy, practices and behavioural changes; all of which underpin an inclusive culture.

Deborah Croft / Co-Founder & Managing Partner / Thriving Talent

10:00 – 10:30

Networking Break

10:30 – 10:45

Diversity Snacks III

Final round of 3 delegate audience members sharing their quick fire assessment and big questions on their internal chalelnges which will pool into the Round-table Hack Session at the end of the day

Jane Hoskisson / Director Learning & Development / IATA

Leveraging Inclusion & Diversity for greater innovation
10:45 – 11:15


Striving for Equality – How to make a Real Impact

Unique offering from the Office for Equality in the Canton of Zurich (Center of Excellence).

Helena Trachsel / Head of the Office of Equality / Kanton of Zurich

11:15 – 12:00

Interactive Panel DiscussionPanel Discussion

Diversity Fatigue in the Workplace: How to Get Unstuck

Moderator: Allyson Zimmermann / Executive Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa / Catalyst

Alvine Tremoulet / Head of D&I Europe / Pfizer
David Souperbiet / Senior Vice President, CHRO Europe /PepsiCo
Christiane Bisanzio / D&I Vice President / JT International SA

12:00 – 12:30

End User Presentation

From Diversity to Inclusion: did we get the diversity agenda wrong?

Most international companies have a strong agenda in D&I. While progress have been made, it looks like a lot of companies are hitting a ceiling when it comes to senior executive diversity. As a result, most companies over focus on numbers and scorecard, embrace positive discrimination, force appoint some cohorts.

And so what? Is the D&I agenda progressing because a number has been hit and there is 50% of women sitting in a room? Are we confusing the metrics with the objective? Are we missing the point?

In PepsiCo Europe, we are exploring ways to make our D&I more impactful and meaningful focusing not only on diversity but making sure we create a true inclusive culture where anyone can truly be who they are.

David Souperbiet / SVP, CHRO Europe / PepsiCo

12:30 – 12:50


Beyond Compliance to Becoming an Inclusion Pioneer

Understanding if your company has a climate which is counter-productive to inclusion in the workplace is one of the biggest challenges today. You can try to diversify by hitting targets, but nothing will ever change unless people feel listened too and included.

Real change must come from behaviours. Unfortunately many organisations still focus too much on policy and processes. Understanding behaviours, biases and degrees of difference within the organisation lies at the very heart of creating positive change.

In this session we will explore the essential elements which make up an effective inclusion toolkit. We will also share ‘Serious Fun in the Workplace TM’ techniques designed to explore behaviours, and discover the extent to which trust exists within the workplace.

Susan DeFazio / Founder / Be Future Ready Today

12:50 – 14:00

Working Lunch

14:00 – 14:30

End User Presentation

Creating the Culture to Enable Women to Thrive

This session takes the lessons from research into the deep culture of a successful national Olympic sport team. Using metaphor to capture the cultural journey of the women’s rowing team between 1996-2016, we will share what it takes to create the culture to enable women to thrive in sport and in business.

How to use metaphor to unlock a leader/employees perspective on culture and the power of story-telling.

Key lesson from elite sport:

  • The importance of valuing women as individuals, beyond the metrics necessary for sustained success.
  • How setting clear expectations about the norms and behaviours can be adapted to make a culture where women thrive.
  • Creating ‘one team’ to harness energy in a positive direction, driving up standards to beat the rest of the world.
  • Building up evidence based on real performance improvements, being honest about these, and using these to increase confidence and expectations (rather than just hopes) for improved performance in the future.

Top tips for business on developing and empowering an internally supportive and collaborative culture rather than an internally competitive culture, where the aim isn’t to beat each other but to collaborate and focus on the real competition outside the organisation.

Alison Maitland / Writer, Journalist, Speaker & Coach

14:30 – 15:00

End User Presentation

Inclusion and Diversity within UEFA

A unique perspective of how different facets of of Inclusion are tackled from a Globally recognised and high profile Non-Profit brand.

Sara Holmgren / Diversity & Inclusion Officer / UEFA

15:00 – 15:45


Overcoming Bias Fatigue and moving on from awareness to ensuring practical results!

More to be announced…

HACKATHON Roundtable
15:45 – 16:30

Interactive Hack Session

Finally we organise the room into 20+ roundtables for the Group Hack and Interactive Workshop

Using the Diversity Snacks challenges from 9 of the delegate members, we disemnitate the topics and issues and brain storm on finding practical solutions for enduring results.

The fruits and findings of each group are highlighted with the entire audience by the Chair and recorded for you as a final take-away.

16:30 – 17:00

Chair’s Highlights and “Hot Points” Round-up from the two day adventure.


Event Close


This Workshop is led by our proud Collaboration Partner
The Office for Equality for the Kanton of Zurich.

Optional Breakout Workshop Conducted in German
14:00 – 17:30

Optional Breakout Workshop

Leadership beyond Diversity

This special workshop offering is provided by the Department of Equality from the Kanton of Zurich and will be hosted by Matthias Mölleney

*Please note this will take place in a separate meeting room and will be conducted in German and all are welcome to attend.

The “Beyond Leadership” approach addresses the topic of cooperation in a very special way. In a short time, a surprisingly profound trust is created between the participants which makes it possible to develop teams from these groups that work together, who are not only ready to progress fully committed to the cause, but also to each other. In this workshop we present “Beyond Leadership”, not just as a theory but through a very specific application with all participants to experience the “Power of Being Connected”.

More information available here

Matthias Mölleney / Founder and Managing Partner / peopleXpert


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Kameha Grand Hotel Zurich

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The 13th Global Inclusion Seminar

April 2021 – Zurich



April 21, 2021
April 22, 2021
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