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Inclusion Inner-Visions: Online Digital Masterclass

April 21, 2021 - April 23, 2021

Inclusion Inner-Visions: Online Digital Masterclass

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have been forced to postpone the Inclusion Inner-Visions: Online Digital Masterclass due to be held on Sept 22 – 24.

We aim to reschedule this event to a later date. Those already registered for the event will automatically be registered and notified once the new dates have been confirmed.

We thank you for your understanding and we will announce the new dates as soon as possible.

Inclusion Inner-Visions: Online Digital Masterclass

The Role of Inclusion in Sustainable Post-Covid Business

Dates TBA | 2021


For the last 14 years Icon has been at the forefront of pushing the importance of the Inclusion & Diversity ecosystem that exists within organisations and we will continue to strive to curate the most compelling content and training for our worldwide D&I community.

This is the first of our digital, online training series, we welcome you along to the journey.

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Most companies are facing anxiety, stress, uncertainty & fear

in these strange, unexpected times and are looking to their leaders to provide support and guidance. How leaders act today will have a profound impact on how they are seen and judged post the crisis. Those actions will influence their ability to attract and retain talent and impact their growth strategies which they will most definitely need on the other side of COVID-19.

The mission of our Inner-Visions Digital Masterclass is to offer insight into 4 important aspects of the post Covid world

  1. Advancing Inclusion Through & Beyond the Crisis
  2. How You Are Continuing to Drive D&I During Covid-19
  3. How to Pivot & Embrace Workplace Changes
  4. Leading through Uncertainty : How To Be A Resilient Leader In These Extraordinary Times


How It Works!

Step 1

Sign up for your preferred sessions

max size will be 100

Step 2

Read carefully the requirements for attending the Reading Circle Session


Step 3

Connect and Learn

Come prepared to discuss insights gained and ask questions

It is free to enroll in this entire training session for the first 100 participants, thereafter a fee of €39 will be charged per session


All Times are CET

Day 1 : Tuesday

Topics Discussed :

  • INdivisible : Reading for action circle
  • Incorporation of ideas within your company
INdivisible Reading for Action Circles

Reading-for-action workshops with the authors of INdivisible

14:30 – 16:00

Advancing Inclusion through and beyond the Crisis

Reading-for-action workshops on 22 & 23 Sept with the authors of INdivisible

Many business and D&I leaders are asking ‘How can we continue to drive D&I through and beyond the Covid crisis?’ and ‘How can we respond effectively to the systemic inequities highlighted by #blacklivesmatter?’

INdivisible: radically rethinking inclusion for sustainable business results has been hailed by the Financial Times as a ‘smart read’ and by Professor Herminia Ibarra of London Business School as ‘the book on inclusion we’ve all been waiting for’. Wharton’s Professor Stew Friedman has said the book ‘could not be more timely’.

We’re offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to join INdivisible co-authors Alison Maitland and Rebekah Steele in two consecutive 90-minute workshops to discuss your insights from the book, ask your questions and explore how to propel inclusion into actions with impact. You can also find out how to implement ‘INdivisible reading-for-action circles’ as a low-cost, safe-distance learning opportunity in your company to maintain the momentum towards next-generation inclusion.

Upon registering ( which is free ) ICON is asking that you purchase copies of the book so you can read it in advance of the workshops on 22 and 23 September. Taking just 2-3 hours to read, this book has been described as ‘an easy but serious read for Boards and executives’.

How It Works

  • Sign up for the two workshops … (max size will be 100)
  • Read INdivisible as pre-work ( available here )
  • 22 Sept: Come prepared to discuss insights gained and ask questions to further your learning. The authors will facilitate the workshop and prompt conversation with delegates through powerful questions. You will have a chance to connect and learn from other participants in the workshops as well
  • 23 Sept: Come to the second workshop to discuss and determine what actions you will take to advance inclusion at every level of your organisation. Explore ways to work collectively to sustain the momentum you generate.

INdivisible Reading for Action Circles

Alison Maitland & Rebekah Steele : Reading 1
90-minute Circle, readers come prepared to share insights gained, questions, and actions they are proposing to take. Alison & Rebekah facilitate the session and prompt conversation with delegates using powerful questions, and they get to learn from each other as well as the authors.

Alison Maitland / Writer, Journalist, Speaker & Coach

Rebekah Steele / Business Strategist, Innovator, Speaker and Writer

16:10 – 16:40

Partner Presentation

16:50 – 17:20

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End of Day 1

Day 2 : Wednesday

Topics Discussed :

  • INdivisible day 2 reading circle
  • Sponsor Points
  • Town Hall Discussion on “How You Are Continuing To Drive D&I during Covid-19
INdivisible day 2 reading circle
13:00 – 14:30

Reading Circle

INdivisible Reading for Action Circle

Reading 2: Participants come to the second 90-minute Circle to discuss and determine actions to advance inclusion across their companies and externally to promote systemic change for inclusive societies.

Alison Maitland / Writer, Journalist, Speaker & Coach

Rebekah Steele / Business Strategist, Innovator, Speaker and Writer

14:30 – 14:40

10 Minute Break

14:40 – 15:10

Partner Presentation

15:10 – 15:15

5 Minute Break

15:15 – 16:15

Partner Session

Digital Town Hall discussion on “Bringing Leaders Together : Next Steps for Leaders : How You Are Continuing To Drive D&I

In this session we invite our D&I community to shape the town hall talking points. All participants will be given the opportunity to put your most important challenges in continuing your D&I programs during these unprecedented times. When fighting a crisis, other things tend to slip off the business agenda diversity and inclusion being one of the potential casualties. Attendees will bring their biggest challenges to this open discussion to share with the facilitator & guest panellists but also to get live, in real time feedback from other professionals in the D&I world.

This is an ideal space for an Event Partner to take the lead as the facilitator to show what you ( & your company ) can do for multinational D&I executives to lead them through such an uncertain time.

Speaker: TBC


End of Day 2

Day 3 : Thursday

Topics Discussed :

  • How to Pivot for change to drive greater Inclusion & Gender Parity
  • Leading through Uncertainty: Strengthening Resilience, Wellbeing, and Connection
Virtual Training
13:00 – 14:00

Virtual Training

Back to Better

There is no denying that the impact of COVID-19 has brought many challenges to organisations, large and small. However, it has also driven new working practices and mindsets in leaders that present an incredible opportunity for organisations to accelerate their pursuit of inclusive cultures and equality at work.

One of the most significant barriers to advancing women in the workplace is linked to the fact that the role of the carer is often associated with a mother, despite the evolution of family structures and generational differences. The Coronavirus has highlighted that caring takes many forms – of course, caring for children but also self- care (mental & physical well-being), caring for ageing parents, caring for sick relatives/community members, caring for pets, the list goes on.

Organisations know they need to respond to the new expectations of their employees. There is a significant amount of data sharing the same message: employees want to have a better balance and for this ability to work more flexibly to continue. They have demonstrated how productivity, engagement and well-being is often higher – and organisations can no longer say it’s not possible.

You are not alone if you are questioning the best way to capitalise on the window of an overwhelming desire for change and be an employer of choice.

How can you pivot on this opportunity for change and embed flexible working and caring & career as an effective human capital strategy, to drive greater inclusion and gender parity in your organisation?

Our Partner Thriving Talent will share lessons learnt by their clients in Switzerland during this crisis and the best practices they are adopting, as they manage their back to office strategy.

Thriving Talent will demonstrate the importance of thinking bigger than flexible working, to best respond to the fundamental needs of professionals who want to be empowered to better integrate their personal and professional commitments. They will share successful strategies that address policies, practices, resources and behaviours, as part of a cultural change programme.

In all the uncertainty, stress and sadness that the Coronavirus has created, there is a silver lining and we can’t let this gift go.

Join other HR and D&I Leaders to accelerate learning exchange in this 1 hour virtual workshop.

Deborah Croft / Co-Founder / Thriving Talent

14:05 – 14:35

Partner Presentation

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14:40 – 16:00


Leading through Uncertainty: Strengthening Resilience, Wellbeing, and Connection

Leading effectively in times of uncertainty is vital, yet the lack of control and demands that we face can heighten our stress and that of our colleagues and clients. This session provides tools to help you lead better right now. You will learn:

  • Techniques of mindfulness, mind-body centering, and reframing that increase feelings of calm, control and the ability to act intentionally
  • How to rapidly establish high-quality connections that help to calm, focus, and energize others
  • Best practices for supporting progress and thriving

Monique Valcour PhD / Executive Coach / Harvard Business Review Contributor

16:05 – 16:35

Partner Presentation


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April 21, 2021
April 23, 2021
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