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Wednesday  1 December 2021


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Many leaders are committed to recruiting diverse talent and building an inclusive corporate culture. But where to start ?


Can we guide employees to reduce their  unconscious biases?


How could D&I, human resources and communication teams help create a more inclusive corporate culture? And how to develop a relevant and applicable action plan and KPI'S?


Thanks to this online conference, you will be better equipped to respond to the new realities of DEI 

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People are complex—your people analytics shouldn’t be!

Visier is the global leader for people intelligence & workforce planning, providing cloud-based analytic application solutions & technology. 



European Women on Boards (EWoB) is the European umbrella association for gender equality at decision-making level.  EWoB a non-profit Brussels-based consortium of national organizations who aim to improve gender balance on corporate boards across Europe

Female Presenter


Based in London, UK

An award-winning global leader and influencer in D&I, with a 15-year career in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Amir is listed in the global Top 50 Diversity Professionals List; Top 50 Most Influential Diversity Stars 2020 List; READ MORE

Based in Parma, Italy

Internationally Recognised D&I Inspirational Leader 2021 & Former Chief DEI Officer for Barilla (2021 Catalyst Award Winner) READ MORE


Based in Munich, Germany

Awarded an MA in Human Resources Management as well as a post-graduate diploma in HR Strategies (HRM) from London Metropolitan University. A member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). READ MORE

Based in Paris, France

Working at VINCI since 1989

Managed HR, administration and finance in 24 countries

8-year foray in high fashion (2001-2008)

VINCI Global Inclusion & Diversity Director since March 2016


Based in London, UK

Devi Virdi is Named and Awarded as a Top 50 Women in Travel by WiNiT, Global Business Travel Association in 2021 for her achievements in driving Diversity and Inclusion in the industry. READ MORE




Based in London, UK

I’m an enthusiastic and practical professional with a background in Diversity and Equality. I’m also passionate about career development and have been fortunate enough to help individuals realise their true role model potential. READ MORE

Based in Zurich, Switzerland

Nadia has extensive cross-industry and geographical experience leading efforts in DEI and Employee Experience in multinational companies headquartered in Switzerland, the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Global organizations where she has led these efforts include, Wells Fargo, Amgen, Novartis, Rio Tinto, International Monetary Fund and Zurich Insurance.  READ MORE

Based in Zurich, Switzerland

As a Senior Director in Catalyst’s EMEA office, Rikia Birindelli-Fayne works with leading global organisations to create more diverse, inclusive, and flexible workplaces READ MORE

Based in Austria

Andrea is an experienced, published, researcher of human capital practices specialising in organisational change & transformation, talent and leadership development, performance management, DEIB, and organisational growth mindset. READ MORE




Based in London, UK

A highly experienced and self-motivated HR professional with excellent HR Business Partner and commercial experience gained within leading blue chip organisations and two prestigious national charities. 


Based in London, UK

Helen is Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Freshfields. Since joining in 2017 she has led the global D&I team and is part of both the Responsible Business and HR leadership teams READ MORE

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9h00 - 9H10

Kristen Anderson
Board Member


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9H10 - 9h40

Amir Kabel
Global Head Diversity and Inclusion

AMIR KABEL BURBERRY_edited_edited.png

How to successfully roll out a global strategy in local markets​

  • How to create a global D&I agenda

  • Taking in different perspectives in local regions

  • Creating a global strategy that’s locally relevant

  • How to roll the D&I strategy

  • Creating accountability and sustaining the D&I agenda


9h40 - 10h10

Kristen Picture US_edited_edited.png

Interview: How do you make a global DEI strategy stick and give it sufficient local relevance

Christian Hug
VP LifeWorks  & Inclusion


This is a recent case study on how a global media business has shared global DEI directions with the business, identified the need for engagement around the globe generating meaning and essence on a local level.

The interview focuses on the steps and milestones, successes and pitfalls and what it has taken to create meaningful discussions locally and report on them globally, hold leaders accountable and make visible progress.

Leading globally - acting locally!

Corporate businesses set strategic directions that arent always inclusive and create challenges when implementing on a local regional level
How can you go beyond DEI efforts being a tick-box exercise that it tied to People&Culture functions

What milestones can be taken in holding leaders accountable - making it a topic that speaks with regional and personal relevance
How do your report back on your success bottom up


10h10 - 10h40

Allyship in action: focusing on engagement and impact

Helen Ouseley
Global Head Diversity
and Inclusion

What does allyship mean in the workplace? What does this look like in practice and what barriers exist?

  • Definitions of allyship and why it matters

  • Examples of allyship in action

  • Navigating engagement and inclusion in a hybrid working world


10h40 - 11h10

Tanguy de Belair
Chief Diversity Officer


T-deBelair-couleur-1 (1)_edited.png

Diversity &  Inclusion, Data & Analytics ; these are words that go together well !​

Harnessing the power of diversity data and inclusion analytics.

Navigating demographic data and inclusion indicators to sustain EDI strategies and to report internally and externally on D&I outcomes

  • Diversity data vs inclusion metrics; reconciling hard and soft sciences

  • D&I qualitative and quantitative analytics; both can be turned into hard data disclosure

  • How to collect diversity data; overcoming the million dollar concern : “I cannot ask this!”

  • Measuring inclusion; more straightforward than it may seem


11h10 - 11h40

Andrea Derler Headshot_edited.png

Andrea Derler
Principal, Research and Customer Value



How People Analytics + DEIB = Better Enterprise Business Outcomes​

Insights from recent research revealing how the leading businesses are driving change and realising better business outcomes through a collaboration between organisational actions, people analytics, and personal commitment.


11h40 - 12h10

Rikia Birindelli_Fayne Portfolio_edited.jpg

Rikia Birindelli-Fayne
Senior Director EMEA


Progress Won’t Pause.  Five Key Takeaways for the Future Workplace​

An inclusive work environment has many benefits, and is a key competitive advantage for organisations. It increases innovation and productivity, leads to better performance and problem solving, reduces groupthink, and enhances decision-making.

1. Top of the House Buy-In: Culture change has to come from the top of the organisation. 

2. A hybrid workplace that priorities equity: Flexible and remote work can expand an organisation’s talent pool, ensure better work-life effectiveness, create empowering work environments, and ensure your business can function effectively even at times of crisis.

3. Sponsorship: As more women may opt to work remotely, sponsors will be critical to ensure that women are not overlooked for advancement opportunities. 

4.  Allyship - We call on everyone to be allies and support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in their workplace by vocally and visibly supporting people from marginalized groups. Also, engage men in women’s advancement opportunities as sponsors, champions and change agents. 

5. Business skills – Employees experience inclusion at work when they feel valued, trusted, authentic, and psychologically safe.


12h10 - 13h50



13h50 - 14h30


Moderator Kristen Anderson
Devi Virdi            Group Head D&I  CENTRICA
Andrea Derler   Principal Research & Customer Value VISIER
Daniel Danso    Group Head D&I LINKLATERS

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Andrea Derler Headshot_edited.jpg

14h30 - 15h00

Daniel Danso
Global Head Diversity and Inclusion 



Unconscious Bias​

  • Virtual bias and hybrid working

  • Bias is still a contender, but does training on it work?


15h00 - 15h30

Gill Thomas
Diversity and Inclusion Partner


How can Allies help create an inclusive culture?​

The session will cover what is an ally and what practical things can they do.  


How this can help develop the inclusive culture that we are all looking for.


Nadia Younes
DEI Strategist and Innovator

DEI and Workplace Flexibility's Blind Spot : Intergenerational Demands for Flexibility in a New Era​

Many organisations tout and publicize their diversity commitment to generational diversity. In most cases, this is code for a myopic focus on Millennials and Gen Z with little to no emphasis on the millions of workers 50 plus working alongside their younger colleagues and still ready to work, learn and grow in their professional lives. 

The ongoing pandemic has laid bare the plight of the ageing workforce – and pointed out a unique set of problems and opportunities for those DE&I leaders who are far-sighted enough to acknowledge them and build the skills of a truly inclusive and intergenerational workforce. Greater flexibility is being demanded from workers across all generations and "hybrid" isn't the only answer.

Now is the time for diversity and inclusion to reflect a commitment to the very diverse or different ways in which people can work and be most productive. Full time at home, home a few days and in the office a few, 4-day weeks, phasing for retirement and a variety of other life events across an employee's lifecycle should be on the table for a more personalized and optimal employee experience. 

Join the discussion and learn what some organizations are doing beyond hybrid.

  • DEI and Flex approaches often miss the mark on truly intergenerational needs

  • Winning on the talent front in the long-term will not happen without an intergenerational approach to flexibility

  • "Hybrid working" isn't the only way despite this being the only approach to new ways of working most companies are offering

  • Intergenerational and innovative flex initiatives can measurably benefit your employee and customer experience along with your business results

15h30 - 16h00


16h00 - 16h30


Kristen Anderson
Board Member




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  • ON DEMAND Can't make the summit but want to catch-up with the days content? You can watch each session after the event, a link will be sent to you to access the presentations



Conference Crowd


  • Live access to all presentations 

  • Ask questions during the Q/A and panel discussion

  • ON DEMAND Can't make the summit but want to catch-up with the days content? You can watch each session after the event, a link will be sent to you to access the presentations..