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The Office for Equality of the Canton Zurich is the competence center when it comes to matters surrounding equality and inclusion. Based on the Swiss constitution’s and the Equality Act’s decree that no person or group of people should be discriminated against based on their sex, the Office for Equality works closely with employers, unions, the media and individual citizens to facilitate progress toward a more equal and inclusive society in the Canton of Zurich and beyond.


By raising awareness with school and company workshops around gender stereotypes, sexual harassment or salary negotiation training, the Office for Equality’s mission is to empower people with the knowledge and the skills necessary to demand and attain a fair, prejudice-free treatment in an inclusive environment. Individual and company consultations, as well as the support of events like the ICON Inclusion seminar round out the diverse range of services offered by the Office for Equality.

The last half-century has seen steady progress in terms of gender equality in Switzerland and the Canton of Zurich. However, actual equality is still not a reality in many areas of society: gender-related stereotyping and its often dire consequences can still be abundantly observed throughout society, for example when it comes to young people’s career choices or making sure that unpaid (care) work or part-time employment are valued adequately and rewarded with appropriate and fair (equal ) financial compensation.

While this list is not exhaustive, it gives a convincing overview of why the Office for Equality is still needed as part of the movement toward a more fair and inclusive society.