Agenda : 3rd SWP & Talent Analytics Event

On Thursday 6th – Friday 7th October, iCON Group Present

3rd Strategic Workforce Planning & Talent Analytics Seminar
Driving Organisational Transformation

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Day 1


08:20 – 08:50

Welcome Coffee & Registration

08:50 – 09:00

Chair opening Address

Gido van Puijenbroek ||

Gido van Puijenbroek

Gido van Puijenbroek

Gido van Puijenbroek, Co-Founder, AnalitiQs

09:00 – 10:15

KELLY OCG WORKSHOP ||

Moderated by :

Susan DeFazio - Principal and Supervising Consultant KELLY OCG

Susan DeFazio – Principal and Supervising Consultant KELLY OCG

Nicholas Coutts - CEO & Co-founder AXIOMODE

Nicholas Coutts – CEO & Co-founderAXIOMODE

Get Fit for SWP: Preparing and Operationalising Strategic Workforce Planning

Whilst the risks associated with the new age of work are widely acknowledged, many organizations fail to institute methodologies that enable them to unlock the value of people as a strategic asset. With the future happening now, traditional operating orthodoxies and opinions are being tested. As significant uncertainty and ambiguity persist, there is a necessity to make calculated judgments about navigating your business towards a more assured long term success.

To help deal with this changing and volatile context, practices associated with Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) are being seen by many as an effective way of traversing the internal and external complexities surrounding people.

Therefore, it is essential that any methodologies used to underpin an organization’s SWP initiative be agile and connected to the outcomes of the business.

Workshop overview:

This workshop will take you from the initial phase of getting started with SWP through to engaging the business and determining the principles to be applied and the order in which to apply them to yield the most value.

During the first half of the session you will hear from practitioners in different sectors about their experiences and what they would do differently with the benefit of hindsight.

We will then take a deep dive into how principles of value management can be applied to achieve an evidence-based implementation of the SWP. Using an innovative approach – Routes to Value – we will demonstrate how you can harness inductive, deductive and analytical thinking to connect your SWP efforts to activities that will maximize value for the organization.

Key Takeaways – Toolkit:

  • Practitioner Insights
  • Thought Leadership Material
  • Decision Quality Template
  • Routes to Value Templates and Check List
  • Roadmap for Capability Building & Checklist

10:15 – 10:45

Coffee & Networking Break

10:45 – 11:30

UNIVERSITY OF LONDON ||

People Analytics and the Bottom Line: Where are We?

Dr. Max Blumberg - Research Fellow UoL

Dr. Max Blumberg – Research Fellow

  • Although people analytics has matured rapidly in the past five years, we still do not seem to be getting closer to “predicting” the bottom line.
  • In an era of financial turbulence and talent shortages, there are growing calls to expand the “bottom line” beyond earnings and profitability to include corporate social responsibility and employee well-being.
  • The predictive accuracy of workforce planning and people analytics is still – and perhaps always likely to be – limited by our understanding and ability to predict human behaviour. The greatest strides in predicting human capital impact on the bottom line are therefore likely to come from the behavioral sciences rather than the analytical and statistical sciences.
  • The perception that automation and AI can improve the bottom line by reducing headcounts is partly because many workforce and people analysts have not demonstrated the bottom-line value added by people as opposed to machines. As a profession, we must therefore consciously encourage our peers to move away from measuring the impact of people programmes and activities on indirect “middle management” factors like engagement and retention, and focus more effort on demonstrating bottom-line impact via deeper collaboration with senior financial and operational stakeholders.

11:30 – 12:15

ERICSSON ||

WFP & Analytics – Interacting with Finance to Gain Business Results

Jane Barrett <br /> Director of Global WFP

Jane Barrett – Head of Global Workforce Planning

  • Initial alignment steps
  • Tools and Processes used “the how”
  • The journey to workforce optimization
  • Line of sight to business results

12:15 – 13:30

Networking Lunch

13:30 – 14:15

FACEBOOK ||

Implementing and operationalizing a value added Strategic Workforce Planning & Analytics function.

Ross Sparkman - Head of Strategic Workforce Planning - facebook

Ross Sparkman – Head of Strategic Workforce Planning – facebook

Strategic Workforce Planning & Analytics Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of Strategic Workforce Planning & Analytics and their importance in an increasingly competitive business
  • Using Strategic Workforce Planning & Analytics to mitigate risk and optimize company performance
  • Forecasting Workforce demand to align with customer demand and macroeconomic trends
  • Identifying workforce productivity levers and how they can help create a more efficient and nimble workforce

Operationalizing Strategic Workforce Planning & Analytics

  • Integrating finance, HR and operations data into a planning framework to forecast relevant scenarios.
  • Identifying key elements to future growth.
  • Tuning a Strategic Workforce plan into an operational level short term plan / mid-term plan.
  • Lessons learned from end-to-end development and implementation of a Strategic Workforce Planning & Analytics functions.

14:15 – 15:15

ABN AMRO ||

Towards Fact Based HR @ ABN Amro
Auke IJsselstein

Auke IJsselstein – Lead HR Analytics – ABN AMRO

  • Our idea’s on Fact based HR
  • Why being right is not always enough
  • Skills necessary for a succesfull Fact Based HR Organisation

15:15 – 15:45

Coffee & Networking Break

15:45 – 16:30

SHELL ||

Aligning Talent Analytics to Business Objectives

Esther Bongenaar – Manager HR Analytics – SHELL

Vasilis Giagkoulas

Vasilis Giagkoulas – HR analytics analyst – SHELL

HR is often seen as a necessary evil, and quite abstracted from the business. In this presentation, Esther shows how HR, data science, and business objectives intersect.

Shell’s HR organisation is in transition from largely intuition based towards balance in evidence and intuition. HR analytics investigates how, when and to what extent employees influence business performance by combination of soft variables and hard outcomes.

Deriving quantified insights on opportunities and inefficiencies is relevant, especially under current low oil price market conditions. In this presentation Esther shows her way of working as well as some case studies.

16:30 – 17:30


Dr. Max Blumberg - Research Fellow
Jane Barrett

Facilitated, open-ended discussion groups on a range of topics related to the themes of the event, both streams join to share ideas and experiences, bring your challenges to the table and find solutions with a small group of your peers. This session is led by Ross Sparkman ( Facebook ), Dr. Max Blumberg, Marcus Champ (SC) and Jane Barrett.

17:30 – 17:45

End of Day Wrap Up & Hot Points

Day 2


08:45 – 09:15

Morning Coffee

9:20 – 10:30

MERCER ||

Maude Julien

Maude Julien – Senior Associate Workforce Analytics & Planning – Mercer

Moving From I Think to I Know

The Practical Guide to Using Workforce Analytics to Drive Decision Making.

10:30 – 11:30


Expert Panel Session
Is HR ready for Fast Moving “Real Time” Data?

Moderator: Alex Browne – HR Business Excellence Manager – Nestle Panelists: Max Blumberg UoL, Julia Howes of Mercer.

HR is staring to experience a shift away from slow moving data with a number of high profile companies abandoning the traditional approach of Annual Employee surveys, End of year performance reviews, infrequent talent assessments towards a real desire for real time data as a means to accurately measure talent, engagement, leadership, alignment and the culture of the company and to empower leaders to take faster decisions. The transformation for HR and HR Analytics will be huge and how many of us are ready for:

  • Organisations removing annual or bi-annual formal appraisal/performance reviews in favour of regular informal feedback from line manager removal of the traditional annual surveys as a means to measure culture, engagement, empowerment, reward and leadership are being challenges as there is greater need for on the spot engagement level tracking and feedback.
  • Social media/external data sets updated more often than internal HR data. How can we harness this “free source” data to our advantage?
  • Technological advancements enable tracking of employee movements/Productivity/wellness/Sat Nav tracking for salesforces. How should HR use this information, are there any moral issues we have to address in terms of its potential usage and do they have the data capacity and technology to deliver real time insight?

Does HR have the technology, big data capacity and skilled analysts required to support this leap?

11:30 – 12:00

Coffee & Networking Break

12:00 – 12:45

AVIVA ||

A view on HR Analytics from a HRD perspective – using analytics to shape business decisions.
Nathan Adams - HR Director

Nathan Adams – HR Director


  • Building HR Analytical culture and capability at Aviva.
  • The journey we are on.
  • Our proof points so far.
  • What we have learnt.

12:45 – 13:30

STANDARD CHARTERED ||

Show me the Data. Adventures in organisational decision making

Marcus Champ - Global Workforce Analytics Director

Marcus Champ – Global Workforce Analytics Director

Intrepid Analyst: So, why do you do things this way? Wise Manager: Because we have always done it that way. Intrepid Analyst: Really? Show me the data.

At the intersection of reason judgement, logic, and other “unmentionable” ways decisions are made, there lies the dark recesses of organisational decision making. Who wants to go first?

  • Examples of analytics in the field.
  • Linking finance, business outcomes, and workforce.
  • Some lessons learned along the way and maybe even some insight.

13:30 – 14:30

Networking Lunch

14:30 – 15:30

iNOSTIX by Deloitte ||

“I quit!” 3 Deadly organization shortcomings for which I would give my resignation as HR Analytics Manager!
Luk Smeyers - CEO & Co-Founder INOSTIX

Luk Smeyers – CEO & Co-Founder iNOSTIX

The past years we’ve all been reading an enormous number of ‘how to start with HR Analytics’ articles and advice. Most of these articles rightfully talk about e.g. the need to ask the right business questions, build the necessary analytical expertise in HR or about the difficulty of gathering the right data, to name a few.

All very important challenges but not unsolvable. During this rather unusual session, Luk Smeyers will talk about his experiences with organizational ‘poison’ prohibiting and discrediting analytical success or outcomes. Don’t miss out on Luk’s rich experience behind the scenes of HR Analytics and learn from the traps and pitfalls that he has discovered over time. We guarantee: you will turn silent!

15:30 – 16:00

Interactive Hot Point Summary led by Seminar Chair & Guests


Event Close

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